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Removing LRPAD Keyword

LRPAD adds “LRPAD” keyword to currently edited photo. This is intentional and it is used to mark developed images in case there is any need to do that in future (e.g. cleaning up extra develop history).

Here’s a tip for those who do not like to show the whole world that you are using LRPAD.

In Library view, open Keyword List and right click on LRPAD keyword. Select “Edit keyword Tag…”, and uncheck “Include on Export”. This way, Lightroom will internally have the keyword set, but the exported images do not carry LRPAD keyword.

For those who like tagging their images, here’s a link to Flickr with photos tagged with LRPAD

2 Responses

  1. Morphimus

    And here’s a tip for you, the author of the plug-in, who’s charging us $9.99 for it:

    Get the permission of your paying customers before screwing up their work flows to get your free publicity. A simple check box in the plug-in extras would do the trick.

    Go implement that feature, and I’ll rethink my 1-star App Store rating.

    2011/03/10 at 16:32

    • lrpad

      I’m sorry to hear that you do not like the way we have implemented marking pictures as LRPAD processed.

      However, I am a bit confused, why adding a single keyword will disrupt your whole workflow? Are you using some kind of smart collections based on the number of keywords?

      After all, Lightroom pictures will eventually get exported out, and if you wish to do so, you can hide the LRPAD keyword from exporting.

      Our intention was not to fool anyone, it was simply an attempt to create a community and to add a safety net for future updates. As you can probably see, the current Lightroom API is creating lots of develop history settings, and we are hoping to cure that some time later on, and with the keyword support, we can hopefully clean up also the previous edited images.

      2011/03/10 at 17:55

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