Multitouch controller for Lightroom

LRPAD tested on iOS 4.3 and minor issues with Lightroom 3.4 RC

LRPAD has been tested on iOS 4.3, and there are no issues found specific to new iOS release.

Adobe has released a release candidate of Lightroom update. This update has a glitch with LRPAD plugin on OS X, because the application is called “Adobe Lightroom 3.4 RC” and not “Adobe Lightroom 3″ as the plugin expects. As a result, prev/next buttons launch the old version, which of course shows error, as your catalogue is already open with the next version.

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  1. Sue Pertunes

    LRPad question: is it possible with LRPAD to apply star ratings and labels in the LR selection process. And will there be an Android version that can run on smartphoes as well?

    2011/11/16 at 01:05

    • lrpad

      Stars is currently not supported, but color labels are there. Pick/reject is not supported by Lightroom plugin API.

      Initially, there was a phone screen version in development, but on such small screen it is not really useful for adjustments, so it was not pursued further.

      2011/11/16 at 06:21

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