Multitouch controller for Lightroom

LRPAD for Lightroom 4

We just released a small update for LRPAD, which includes support for Lightroom 4.0 controls. More stuff is coming up later ;) The app is available in App Store.

Also, we have updated the plugin with higher resolution thumbnails for retina displays. Windows specific event-handling hack is now gone, it was maybe more trouble than it was worth (LR4 broke it, and it did not work well when adjusting multiple values at the same time). Plugin needs to be manually updated, you can get it from our download page

4 Responses

  1. LisetteAngeles

    Nice =)

    2012/10/07 at 04:11

    • jean philippe mattern

      LRPAD et lightroom5 ?

      2013/12/09 at 14:54

      • lrpad

        Yes, it is compatible with Lightroom 5

        2013/12/09 at 21:07

  2. Hello!
    I was wondering if you had in mind in the future to create something similar to Aperture, Apple’s program.
    Thank you.

    2013/03/27 at 21:33

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